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your wedding dress shouldn't cost the Earth

The average wedding generates approximately 56 tons of carbon emissions - the same amount of carbon emissions produced by six homes over the course of an entire year.


Buying a sustainable wedding gown is one of the best ways to host an eco-friendly wedding. While most bridal retailers sell made-to-measure gowns that are produced on demand (and often in another country), all of our wedding dresses have already been made. This directly reduces the effect that gown production has on the environment.


A Day in June wedding dresses help the most vulnerable among us, and ensure that your gown has no additional environmental impact - so you get to live your values and look great at the same time.


The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. It is second only to the oil industry in its environmental impact. To put things in perspective, the fashion industry produces more carbon emissions annually than all international air travel and maritime shipping combined.

➕ 10% : the percentage of global carbon emissions attributable to the fashion industry.

➕ 32 billion : the number of garments produced each year (of which 64% ends up in landfills).

➕ 13 million : the number of tons of textile waste produced by the fashion industry every year.

➕ 20% : the amount of global waste water produced by the fashion industry.

Bride posing in her wedding dress for a black and white photograph
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