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Wedding dress donation Atlanta

Donate your dress

"I donated my wedding dress to A Day in June 

because I would rather tell my children that my dress helped change lives

than tell them I saved it for them in the attic."  

- Alexandra in Atlanta, Georgia

We believe every wedding dress should be part of more than one love story, and can contribute to a more sustainable world. To offer to donate your dress, please fill out the form below.

In order to make as much impact as possible for our partners, we are unable to accept every wedding dress. Please read the below carefully before submitting your dress for donation.

We are currently looking for donations that:

1. Were originally purchased for over $1,000

2. Have either been professionally cleaned since being worn, or have only minor dust or dirt to the train

3. Are in good condition, or have only minor damage

4. Were originally purchased within the last 3 years


Please attach a photo clearly showing the dress, plus any damage.

Upload File
Upload File

Please note that, once you donate your dress to A Day In June, we will not be able to return your dress to you. Please see our donor terms for details.

Thanks for submitting!

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