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We believe that every dress should be part of more than just one love story, and can contribute to a more eco-friendly wedding industry. To offer to donate your dress, please fill out the form below.

Please note that in order to make as much impact as possible for our partners, we are unable to accept every gown. We focus on dresses and separates that are in excellent condition and in styles popular with our customers.


We aim to get back to you very shortly, and we will make the donation process as easy as possible. Thank you so much for considering donation!

"I donated my wedding dress because I would rather tell my children that my dress helped change lives than tell them I saved it in the attic." 

- A note from Alexandra, one of our amazing donors

We couldn't agree more!


Please attach a photo clearly showing the dress, plus any damage.

Upload File
Upload File

Please note that, once you donate your dress to A Day In June, we will not be able to return your dress to you. Please see our donor terms for details.

Thanks for submitting!

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