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Your dress, their future

change looks good on you

When you choose an A Day in June wedding dress, you help advance human rights - and protect the planet, too. We donate a portion of the proceeds of every dress to humanitarian organizations that support survivors of human trafficking, prevent child marriage, and provide disaster relief, just to name a few.


And all of our wedding dresses are prefabricated, meaning that your purchase has no additional environmental impact. A single one of our wedding dresses has the power to create a better world for all of us.

Make your dress matter.

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Preventing child marriage

Approximately 37,000 girls under age 18 get married every day. More girls are being married now than at any previous point in history. In the developing world, 1 in 9 girls under age 15 is already married. 

Child marriage truncates a girl's childhood, ends her education, and curtails her economic opportunities. It also significantly increases her risk of experiencing domestic violence; of enduring early, frequent, and high-risk pregnancies; and of experiencing newborn and infant loss. 

The reasons that young girls marry are diverse, and so are the solutions. We are partnering with VOW For Girls to end the practice of child marriage. VOW believes in locally-driven solutions to the complex issue of child marriage, so they provide grants to community-led and community-based organizations that interact directly with the girls and families that are affected by it. 

Learn more about them and their amazing work here



Disaster relief

Natural disasters hit women and girls the hardest, especially in the global south. Women and children are 14 times more likely to die in a natural disasters than men. Women and girls have unique needs in the wake of environmental crises. For example: 

  • Women and girls are at higher risk of sexual violence while staying in temporary or makeshift accommodations following natural disasters.

  • Women and girls have additional health and hygiene needs resulting from pregnancy, breastfeeding, and managing menstruation.

  • Girls are at demonstrably higher risk of child marriage following environmental disasters.

  • Women and girls are significantly more likely to experience domestic violence in the months following a natural disaster.

A Day in June makes frequent donations to organizations that are responding to natural disasters and similar humanitarian crises, with a focus on funds that support women and girls. For instance, following the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria in spring 2023, we located and donated to a specific fund that distributed sanitary supplies to the women and girls affected by the quakes.

Climate change is widely acknowledged as an aggravator of gender-based violence, and our focus on disaster relief goes hand in hand with our commitment to sustainability


supporting women and girls

Proceeds from past clients' wedding dresses have...

➕ Supplied a full year's worth of textbooks to a schoolgirl at the Kakenya Center for Excellence in the Masaai region of Kenya, helping to keep her in school and ensure she is protected from the harmful practice of genital mutilation

➕ Provided a necessary, lifesaving cesarean section to a woman in the Democratic Republic of Congo, dramatically reducing the risk of maternal or infant death during birth

 Supplied schoolgirls in India with hygienic menstruation kits, which reduces the risk of gynecological illnesses and helps ensure that girls can remain in school during their menstrual cycles

➕ Provided a lifesaving food kit to families suffering from hunger, supplying them with enough food to feed the entire family for weeks

Image by Mario Heller showing school children learning in a classroom
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what will your dress do?

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