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Getting families off to the right start

The maternal mortality rate in the United States is the highest among all developed nations. The US is one of only three nations in the world in which maternal mortality is rising. Black and Indigenous women represent the majority of maternal deaths in the US.


  • Black women are three to four times more likely to die during pregnancy or the postpartum period than white women. Their heightened risk spans all income and education levels. 

  • They are more likely to experience both severe pregnancy-related complications like preeclampsia, and labor-related complications like fibroids (tumors that grow in the uterus and cause postpartum hemorrhage).


  • They have higher pre-term birth rates, which are associated with higher infant mortality. And they experience higher rates of unintended pregnancy because of disparities in access to contraceptive care and counseling.

Black Mamas Matter

Atlanta-based nonprofit Black Mamas Matter Alliance (BMMA) is a cross-sectoral alliance led by Black women that works to reduce the disparities that Black people face in accessing quality reproductive care. 

BMMA introduces and advances legislative policy that addresses Black maternal health inequity and improves Black maternal health outcomes; introduces and enhances holistic and comprehensive approaches to care; and develops innovative research methods to study  maternal health for Black women.

A Day in June is proud to partner with BMMA to work toward a future where all Black mamas receive the reproductive healthcare they deserve. Read more about them and their mission here.

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